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skinny lettuce

Foods That Work With Weight Loss Resolutions

skinny lettuce

By mimiliz2 via

When the clock struck midnight to herald the arrival of 2008, thousands of people all over the world made the decision to lose weight and eat healthier in the new year. Are you one of them? I, for one, renewed my 10-year resolution to loose weight. In fact, I started working out each morning, alternating upper and lower body workouts.

Alas, many of us will stray from their resolutions almost as quickly as they made them. Can you believe I forgot to do my workout this morning? I was so focused on coming to my computer to write this blog entry! Now how’s that for an excuse?

Anyway, with temptations all around us, and fast food joints often making eating unhealthy seem as the easier choice, the odds just aren’t in our favor.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

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