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Just the Cheese: Taste Test

Just the Cheese is a packaged snack food made from 100% Wisconsin cheese that is baked into bars and mini bites. While most “cheese crisps” are air-dried, this brand is oven-baked, which the makers believe results in a cheesier flavor and crunchier texture due to caramelization.

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Book Review: "Diabetes Meal Planning Made Easy" by Hope Warshaw

Book Review: “Diabetes Meal Planning Made Easy” by Hope Warshaw

More than a third of American adults have prediabetes (I’ve been flirting with it off and on for over a year now) and more than 20 million Americans live with Type 2 (adult-onset) diabetes (including my husband). I know several people who have diabetes, a condition in which one’s body doesn’t manage blood sugar very well. Having too much sugar in your blood has some pretty nasty consequences, so managing your blood sugar is pretty darn important. The first line of defense is what you eat. However, planning out your meals so that you remain healthy, manage your weight and blood sugar and enjoy your food all at the same time is a common challenge for folks with diabetes. Therefore, when I saw Hope Warshaw’s book Diabetes Meal Planning Made Easy I was intrigued.

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