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Taking a Bite Out of Sustainability

Nearly every time you make a choice to eat something healthy for your dinner, you are making a conscious decision to eat something nutritious. You may think about the calories and the protein of your food, but have you considered how sustainable it is? Here’s some food for thought about sustainability:

Taking A Bite Out Of Sustainability

It is a scary time in the world at the moment when it comes to how quickly we are burning through our resources. We are using more plastics than ever, and while steps are being taken to combat this, more homeowners and families than ever are working hard to reduce their impact on the planet. The agriculture industry is overinflated in the world, and we need to ask ourselves what we could be doing to cook and eat in a way that will help the planet to slow down this fast train to deterioration.

The good news is that your life doesn’t have to be turned upside down just to eat in a way that’s more sustainable; all it needs is a little awareness. Here are some fantastic ways to help you to bring a little sustainability in the kitchen, from sustainable salmon farmers to checking the produce of the season. Let’s take a look:

Seasonal Produce Is More Sustainable

Sometimes, you crave bananas, but the ones in the supermarket are being sold while unripened. The ones that you can find that are ripened are more expensive, right? Well, there’s an excellent indication that these aren’t the fruit for you. Forced fruits that are grown out of season are not as delicious as the produce that is currently in season, so start expanding your tastebuds now, and you’ll be used to the seasonal flavors.

Take Down Your Meat Nights for Increased Sustainability

You may be a happy omnivore, and that’s okay, but think about how often you eat meat every day and where you buy it from. If you’re buying fish and meat products, think about sustainable farmers and where they get their products. Think about how the meat is treated. Going vegan once a week is going to do more for the planet than you think, so get searching for the best recipes!

Go Fair Trade

When you buy foods with a fair trade label, you’re supporting the farmers that are making those foods. You are supporting the working conditions of the farmers that are harvesting, and you’re purchasing products that have been made without added GMOs. The fair trade products are also organic, which is just a bonus!

Learn To Compost

We are always taught not to waste food, and it’s the correct option. However, you shouldn’t have to keep eating if you’re not feeling hungry anymore. Take a moment to scrape your plate into a compost bin, and you’ll be reducing your carbon footprint as well as the cost of landfill. You can learn about composting here so you can get started.

Your life can be more sustainable right now, no more waiting. Small tweaks can have a significant – and correct – impact on our planet.

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