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Category Archives: All Things Pumpkin

pumpkin on a stump

My Relationship with Pumpkins

pumpkin on a stumpI found this article on the web, “Breaking up with Butternut,” and it got me to thinking. I’ve created an entire website dedicated to the pumpkin … I must have a relationship with this fruit. But what is it?

How do you define a relationship? In many ways, it is your collection of memories about it. You know, like the time your Dad helped you write your name in the sand, or the time your grandmother shared cookies over a cup of tea. That kind of thing.

So, what are my memories of pumpkins?

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Is It That Time?

The other day I was at the grocery store and shopping for instant pudding mix. We have a new ice cream maker and I’m experimenting with different recipes, trying to perfect the the consistency and flavor that will make my husband happy. (He’s a big […]

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