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Gluten Free Pie Crust

By Consolacion S. Miravite

What is a pie crust?

A pie is a pastry dough that is baked either in the oven or a baking pit. It may contain various fillings of sweets, veggies and meat. Pies are differentiated by the kind of crust that they have. A bottom crust or filled crust has a pastry lining at the bottom of the pan with fillings placed on top of it. The top portion is left open to bake and only serves to encase the upper ingredients by holding it together.

The top crust pie or cobbler has the fillings at the bottom of the pan, with the crust covering the filling before baking. The two-crust pie, on the other hand, has a pastry lining at the bottom and a pastry cover on top – before baking. Pastries normally use a flaky type of pie crust for that crunchy bite. The ingredients for flaky types can include crumbs, mashed potatoes, and baking powder and so on.

flour has gluten

What is gluten?

Gluten is a product that comes from wheat, barley, rye and other grains that when mixed with the dough makes the dough rise and become elastic. Gluten is a source of protein and is generally used as an additive in many baking recipes.

Gluten is used in baking dough for pizza, bagels and in most pastries. Breads are generally high in gluten with pastries having less amounts of it. Kneading and moisture can enhance gluten development that makes for chewier products.

The amount of the gluten in flour is normally measured by use of a farinograph. This is a baker instrument that measures the quality of the flour that is used for baking.

Health hazard of gluten

Gluten is an All-American food and food additive. It is found in pizzas, breads, pastries and most processed food. What people do not know is that a continuous intake of gluten can be harmful to the body.

Medical studies have shown that you do not have to have a full blown celiac disease and positive intestinal biopsy to have serious problems from eating gluten foods. It has been observed that people with celiac disease runs the risk of higher death rates from heart diseases and cancers.

In-depth studies made from 1969 to 2008 showed that – 39% increase death rate is encountered by those with celiac disease; 72% increase mortality rate with people suffering from gut inflammation related to gluten intake, and; a 35% increase risk of death of those with gluten sensitivity but no celiac disease.

The vast majority of people who have problems with gluten sensitivity are not even aware of it. They misdiagnose their ailments as due to something else, not gluten intake.

A new development now has arisen towards a healthier lifestyle that includes eating gluten-free food. One favorite snack in most homes is the number of variations in home-made pies. To make this favorite snack a healthy alternative, gluten-free pie crust are being bannered in the internet sites and online medical journals for its health efficacy.

How to make gluten-free pie crust

Using gluten-free pie crust can be done two ways. First, you can make your own by following a number of online recipes, and; second, is you can prepare a crust from a pre-mix. An example of the latter is the Gluten Free Pantry’s Perfect Pie Crust Mix. There are other varieties that you can buy from any groceries or Whole Food store in your state.

It is hard to taste any difference between the regular crust and the gluten-free crust. In most instances, they taste the same. But if you look closely, and savor the gluten-free crust, the reason is simple enough — it tastes better.

Gluten makes the dough rise and make it ‘doughy’ or soft and heavy. Pies should not look nor taste ‘doughy’. It should be tender and flaky, unlike breads and cakes. Pie crust has a fair amount of shortening and very little liquid. The ingredients are only mixed to combine them, hence less gluten for this product.

Uses of gluten-free pie crust

Gluten-free pie crust can be used for a variety of fillings. It can be used for quiche, tarts or for all types of pies.

  • Gingerbread cookies – the gluten-free pie crust can be made into gingerbread cookies during the Christmas holidays, graham crackers, and even the festive Gingerbread houses.
  • Pecan nut pie crust – a delicious pie crust most especially used for pumpkin pie and custard/pudding fillings.
  • Cookies – a source of enjoyment for the kiddies on the prowl are homemade cookies made from gluten-free dough. You can make the dough yourself, or can buy it from the nearest stores.

The gluten free pie crust is the new wave of eating pattern that is healthy and good for the body. It is a new concept wherein you think not of only of what taste good; but, what taste healthy and keeps you alive as well!

About the Author

Consolacion S. MiraviteThe author, Consolacion S. Miravite, is a Certified Public Accountant, real estate broker, trader, accounting professor, lead farmer, freelance writer and blogger. She has written for various publications and agencies from around the world – United States Asia, Europe and Asia on topics that ranged from: Finance, Accounting, E-marketing, Internet, Computers, Product Reviews, Relationships, and Crafts among others.


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