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Bored With What’s for Dinner?

Inspiration To Spice Up Supper

One of the reasons I’m a recipe and cookbook collector — or should I say, junkie? — is that I get easily bored eating the same things over and over. I, and perhaps you, as well, try to prepare meals at home, at least in part, so that I can be eating well and more healthfully. And, making meals at home — especially if you’re busy — takes some planning. Without the planning, you’ll be more likely to pick up something that’s quick and tasty, but probably not all that good for you. But what happens when you get bored with the meals you’re making? It’s easy to do when you’re in a cooking rut. But, you don’t need to head out to the nearest takeout joint. Instead, spice up your dinner with some of these tips below.

Bored With What's for Dinner? Inspiration To Spice Up Supper

Bored Buster #1: Go with a Theme

Mexican Mondays, anyone? There’s a whole world of food out there, so why not travel across the globe from the comfort of your own home during dinner time? Pick a food type and make that your mission for the evening. We’re all guilty of relying too heavily on those go-to dishes that we can make with our eyes closed; indeed, it’s this autopilot nature that makes preparing the meals boring. We’re just not challenged enough! Selecting to make a meal from say, India, will test you in the kitchen and keep you engaged on the task at hand.

Here are some additional theme night ideas:

  • Alliteration Themes: Thai Tuesday, Hawaiian Hump Day, Throw Back Thursday (vintage recipes), Finger Food Friday, Salad Saturday and Slowcooker Sunday
  • Fun Themes: Movie Monday – recipes inspired by your favorite films; TV Tuesay – recipes inspired by your favorite TV shows; Disney Princess High Tea
  • Cuisines of the World: Try your hand at Indian, Swedish, Hungarian, wherever your tastbuds (and cooking skills) want to go

Bored Buster #2: Add New Equipment

kitchen gadgetsNever underestimate just how big a difference a new gadget can make. I’m still working my through all the cool kitchen gadgets I got when I got married last year! These gadgets are fun to shop for, and you’ll start planning the meals you’ll make with them even before it arrives. Then you’ll be excited to get into the kitchen once it’s in your hands. We’ve come a long way over the past couple of decades, and now there are dozens of cool kitchen gadgets that can put the fun back into cooking. Even the basics can be fun! There are some seriously awesome chopping boards available, ones with art, slogans, fun facts and more. Who knew taking care of the legwork of cooking could be so enjoyable?

Bored Buster #3: Mix up the Drinks

We tend to make dinner time all about the food, but that part only accounts for a percentage of the whole experience. The rest is in the atmosphere, who’s there, the music, and of course the drinks. If your dining routine has become second-nature, mix it up by adding some new and interesting drinks to the menu. Choose wines that complement the meal you’ve prepared. Look for after dinner drinks that will cap off the experience; this Kikori whiskey review, for instance, makes a note of its smooth taste, which will be perfect after a meal. You normally build the dining experience around the food; for once, build it around the drinks you’re serving.

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Bored Buster #4: Make it an Event

If you’re one of those people that thinks happiness is only real when it’s shared, then it could be that you’re not so much bored with your food as you are bored with being in the kitchen all by yourself! On select nights, get the family to pitch in and help. You’ll enjoy the cooking process much more if you’re having fun with the ones you love!

Plan B

Finally, if you’re really tired of your food, give yourself the night off and check out a local restaurant. But there are rules:

  1. No Fast Food! Make sure it’s high quality so you can savor the flavor.
  2. Either try out a new restaurant or a dish from your favorite restaurant that you haven’t tried yet.

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