Looking for Healthy Recipe Ideas? Here’s Some Inspiration

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For many, eating healthy can be tough. That’s why it’s something you have to make the decision to commit to. Having a generally healthy diet is better for you than yo-yo dieting and limiting what you eat when you want to lose weight. However, if you’re trying to be a healthy eater, you can sometimes get bored or frustrated. I know I’ve been there. Sometimes you just what to put a frozen pizza in the oven. And that’s OK sometimes, but just don’t do it all the time. If you often find yourself getting bored of eating the same old things, you need to keep discovering a new healthy recipe to enjoy. That’s part of the mission of Carma’s Cookery, to help you be more creative in the kitchen. The good news is this: It’s easier than you might think to find healthy food you’ll love.

Looking for Healthy Recipe Ideas? Here's Some Inspiration

Healthy Recipe Inspiration Idea #1: Look Online

If you’re stuck for ideas and you need one quickly, looking online is always the best thing to do. However, you might get a little overwhelmed if you’re not great at making choices. Simply searching for healthy recipes will get you started. But if you want to narrow it down, try adding some extra keywords like quick, mid-week, soup, protein or anything else you think of. You can find huge archives of recipes, like Food Network, as well as people sharing recipes on their blogs and personal sites. And if you need some extra guidance, there are plenty of videos too.

My Favorite Recipe Sites

  • Taste of Home: Home cooked recipes for all types of people.
  • AllRecipes.com: A great resource! Pretty much anything you could want to make can be found here.
  • Betty Crocker: I’ve got the cookbook at home, and love receving recipe ideas from their weekly email.

Healthy Recipe Inspiration Idea #2: Follow the Fads

Sometimes, seeing what’s currently popular can be a great way to find some new ideas. There are always newly popular healthy foods that can help to inspire you. If you take a look at the healthy food trends in 2017, you’ll find things like jackfruit, skyr, and coconut flour. All of these ingredients can get you thinking, or you can just search for recipes that use them. Of course, sometimes these healthy foods can be hard to find if they’re not well-known. Try buying them online or looking for specialty shops that sell healthy food or perhaps ingredients from around the world.

Healthy Recipe Inspiration Idea #3: Buy New Recipe Books

If you enjoy cooking, you probably like leafing through a new cookbook. Although lots of people just use the internet these days, a recipe book can be lots of fun. I love my collection! Crucially, they tend to have lots of recipes from one chef. This is great if there’s someone you like and who you know can offer you lots of healthy recipes. If you want healthy food, look for books with a healthy theme. They might be vegetarian or vegan recipes, or they could just have a healthy twist to them. For some ideas, take a look at the cookbooks I’ve reviewed.

Some of My Favorite Healthy Cookbooks

  • The New Laurel’s Kitchen: I swear by her recipe fo soy burgers!
  • Whole Body Reboot: The Peruvian Superfoods Diet to Detoxify, Energize, and Supercharge Fat Loss: I love leafing through the pages for inspiration
  • The Six O’Clock Scramble Meal Planner: I have to admit that after receiving a review copy of this cookbook for people with diabetes, it has become my go-to when I want quick, healthy meal ideas.

Healthy Recipe Inspiration Idea #4: Turn to Health and Fitness Groups

If you’re looking for a source of healthy recipes, other healthy people can help you out. You don’t necessarily have to be losing weight to benefit from the recipes from dieting and fitness groups. They often have great suggestions for making healthy swaps in your ingredients too. Maybe you’re also a member of a running group, you attend a fitness class, or you have friends at the gym. You can ask for healthy recipe recommendations to try out.

You don’t have to run out of ideas for healthy food. There are so many things you can cook, so stay inspired and creative.

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