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Welcome to Carma's Cookery's Pie-Palooza 2017 - A month of pie legend, lore and love

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There is a lot to be said about pie … literally. In researching guest authors and information about pies for Pie-Palooza 2017, I found some really interesting entries. What I present to you today, is a list of five of the more interesting reads about pie.

cherry pie

Pie: It’s gloppy, it’s soggy, it’s un-American.
By Nathan Heller on Slate.com
Heller writes about how unpleasant eating pie can be and shares some thoughts on the history of pie. A very entertaining read!

A Brief History of Pie
By Laura Mayer at Time.com
Definitely brief, but interesting, as well. It also debunks a couple of popular ideas about pies in history.

The Pie Family and All the Cousins: Pies, Tarts, and Everything in Between (or on top of) Pie Crust
By Renee Shelton on PastrySampler.com
A glossary of pies and related desserts.

Memories of Milk Pie
By Diane Stoneback on Morning Call
I’ve never heard of milk pie, but after reading this I certainly would like to try some!

Smells like nostalgia: Why do scents bring back memories?
By Meghan Holohan on NBCNews.com
Go to any candle shop and there will be several pie-related scents available. This article sheds light on why scents trigger memories.


Create Your Own Unique Pie!

Your Perfect Pie by Carma SpenceDoes pie making daunt you? Are you wary of deviating from any pie-recipe you find, for fear that you’ll ruin the flavor of the resulting pie?

It doesn’t have to be that way!

Pie-Palooza 2017 is brought to you by Your Perfect Pie, a cookbook that breaks down pies into easily made component parts so you can unleash your pie-making creativity. Available on Amazon in both print and Kindle formats. Grab your copy today and start creating your perfect pie!


Welcome to Carma's Cookery's Pie-Palooza 2017 - A month of pie legend, lore and love

Never miss a post of Pie-Palooza 2017! Subscribe via email here!

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