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Pecan Pie Can Be So Addictive

By Thomas Byers

The Origin of the Pecan

Many people think that pecans came to the New World from Europe but actually, the pecans were here and were a part of the Native Americans’ diet long before the first European ever set foot in what became the present-day United States. Nuts like pecans were a very important protein to the Native Americans.

It was not until the French settled New Orléans that the first wonderful desserts began to be made from the pecans the French Settlers found growing in the area. A similar desert to pralines had been made in France but it was made from almonds and it was much different from the pralines that were soon made and sold in what came to be the French Quarter of old New Orléans. Today you will find tons of pecans being turned every day into delicious pralines and sold all over New Orléans.

The Origin of Pecan Pie

I have often wondered how that first pecan pie came to be. It is known that the pie was being made and sold in the French Quarter of New Orléans as early as 1750 and maybe before. And with all the wonderful cooks and chefs in New Orléans, it wasn’t long before all different kinds of pecan pie were being cooked and served in New Orléans.

One of the most famous variations is a Chocolate Pecan Pie and it is very popular all over New Orléans and as far west as Texas and you’ll find it being served all over the entire gulf coast.

You’ll also find miniature pecan pies served all over the south and the miniature pecan pie is now very popular as far east as North Carolina and as far west as Seattle. You’ll find them made many different ways but one of the main ingredients that never changes are the pecans.

Working with Pecans

Some people will tell you they must have the freshest pecans possible for their delicious pecan pies while other people like to shell the pecans, freeze them and then take them out of the freezer and produce delicious pecan pies with them. Pecans can be shelled and frozen in the freezer for up to a year with no change in their taste.

One of the recent tricks that people have started doing with pecans is they grind just a few of the pecans very fine and add those finely ground pecans to their pecan pie recipes. When you add just a couple of tablespoons of fine ground pecans to a delicious homemade pecan pie it adds a deeper flavor of pecans to your pecan pie that you can’t get any other way.

If you love pecans then you just have to make yourself some delicious glazed and baked pecans. To a pound of pecans, you want to add a cup of butter and a half cup of brown sugar and stir everything up together and bake your pecan mixture on a baking pan for 45 minutes in a 350-degree oven and you’ll get pecans that will be oh so tasty and delicious.

Serving Pecans

My Grandmother used to make these delicious glazed and baked pecans and they are so wonderful. We used to have homemade vanilla ice cream with a big spoon of glazed and baked pecans on top of the ice cream. You won’t ever taste anything quite as delicious.

But there is nothing that can ever compare to the taste of a big piece of pecan pie fresh baked from the oven with a big spoon of whipped cream on top of it. And I have come up with a secret ingredient that you can add to a homemade pecan pie that just takes it to a whole new level.

If you would like that recipe for delicious homemade pecan pie just Click Here Now. You will find a recipe that includes several secret ingredients and almost everyone that tries this pecan pie says that it is one of if not the best pecan pies that they have ever tasted.

And be sure to check out Chocolate Pecan Pie which is quickly becoming popular all over the southern United States. Let me ask you a very serious question. Have you ever tasted pralines? If not then you owe it to yourself to make some delicious homemade pralines very soon. I hope there is a delicious pecan pie in your future very soon.

On a Personal Note

Over the last thirty years while working as an award winning Chef I have worked a lot with pecans and I hope you will check out all the wonderful recipes I have for pecan pie and be sure if you love pecans that you click this link and check out the recipe for pecan pralines which are oh so delicious and easy to make.

If you’ve never tried pralines then now is the time to make and enjoy delicious homemade pralines and maybe just maybe there will be a delicious homemade pecan pie in your future.

About the Author

Thomas ByersThomas Byers is an award winning Chef with about forty plus years of experience. He loves to cook and share recipes. He has won many barbecue and chili cook-off contests. In the last forty plus years, he has won over $150,000 in cash prizes for his cooking. In 1998, he was named number 3 In The 10 Best Chefs In Florida.


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