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How to Fall in Love with Cooking

Some people view cooking as something that they have to do. But the lucky person views it as something that they get to do. If you need to do something, it’s always better to find ways to make yourself fall in love with the activity. If you can do that, then it won’t feel like a chore at all. It’ll be something that you get excited to do. So wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could fall in love with cooking?

When it comes to cooking, there are plenty of things you can do that’ll help you to become passionate about the activity. But perhaps the best approach is to simply make delicious meals. If you love your creations, then you’ll love being in the kitchen.

In this post, I’ll share some handy tips that anyone can use to ensure their meals are seriously tasty so that it will be easier to fall in love with cooking

How to Fall In Love with Cooking

Superior Ingredients

There can be a significant difference between two meals that, on the face of it, look exactly the same. If one has been made with basic ingredients, it’ll taste good. If the meal has been made with the best ingredients available, then it’ll taste great. That’s a big upgrade, and all you’ll have done is spent a bit more time sourcing high-end ingredients to use. Note that better ingredients don’t necessarily have to cost much more. But even if they do, on some occasions, it’s better to invest — they’ll help to make a big impression at a dinner party, for instance.

Here are a few tips on how to spot a superior ingredient:

  • It is fresh: This is especially true with produce and spices.
  • It has few preservatives: This is true of most foods.
  • It is authentic to the culture that created it: Why buy Italian seasoning that’s “Made in China.” Buy Chinese spices from China!
  • The color is vibrant: Fresh vegetables are brighter in color than those that are less fresh.

For more tips, check out this article on how to choose ingredients like a pro.

When your ingredients are better, it is a whole lot easier to enjoy your food and fall in love with cooking. In fact, you might find yourself seeking out new ingredients to experiment and get creative with!

Look Fresh and Inviting

Ingredients are important, but in reality, they don’t paint the full picture. A lot of the flavor of a meal comes from what’s added to the core ingredients, such as the sauces and so forth. When it comes to sauces, people tend to pick whatever’s easiest, which nearly always means whatever they can get in a jar from the store. But most sauces don’t require advanced skills to make at home. Take pesto, for example. You can buy it from the store. Or you read up on homemade pesto from lecremedelacrumb.com and make it yourself. I’ll let you figure out which one will taste better!

In addition to sauces, play around with garnishes, as well as how you create your meal combinations. For example, do you like your steak better with broccoli or asparagus? Or perhaps something else altogether! Falling in love with cooking is part science — getting the techniques right — and part artistry — creating your own personal flare.

Fall in Love with Cooking the Same Meals

Remember the first time you tried to do anything? You probably weren’t too good. Most people are not “naturals” at anything. You get good by doing the same things over and over. Oddly, this is an approach that most people don’t take when it comes to cooking. If you’ve found a meal that you like, then it’s worthwhile making it on a regular basis. You’ll find that, over time, you iron out all the kinks and eventually get to create the perfect incarnation of the dish. Practice makes perfect!

Part of your love affair with cooking can come from becoming masterful at preparing a single dish, single technique, single style, or even single cuisine. And mastery only comes after repetition.

Get Feedback

Finally, you can step up the quality of your meals by getting feedback from friends, family, and anyone else to whom you serve your food. They might just tell you something that will really make a massive difference. As always, it’s best not to take constructive criticism personally — it’s there to help you to improve your meals, after all. And always keep in mind that you don’t have to take their advice. If the feedback is “add celery” and you don’t like celery, ignore it.

This is your kitchen and your love affair with cooking. You get to express your Kitchen Creativity your way!

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