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6 Ways Rookies Cook Steak Incorrectly

How do you like your steak cooked? Medium? Medium-rare? It’s not so bad when someone else asks you this question, but when you are the one doing the asking, the pressure is on. Steak is a type of meat that most people love, and serving it will definitely wow your guests. But it does need to be cooked correctly. Read on to discover some of the mistakes that you could be making when set out to cook steak.

Don’t be a rookie, use these 6 tips to cook the perfect steak every time.

  1. You sliced into it straight away.
    This is one of the biggest mistakes people make when cooking steak. It can be very tempting to cook your steak as soon as it leaves the pan so you can check it is the color you want it to be in the middle. However, if you do this, all of the flavourful juices will spill onto the plate, and the meat will be dry. You simply must leave it to rest for five minutes minimum.
  2. You don’t use a meat thermometer.
    The easiest way to tell whether a steak is cooked is to use a meat thermometer. Ideal temperatures are 165 °F for well done, 155 °F for medium, and 140 °F for medium-rare.
  3. You don’t let the pan get hot enough.
    In order to achieve the caramelized, crisp crust you want your steak to have, you need a cooking surface that is screaming hot. Nothing less will do.
  4. You don’t blot your steak before cooking it.
    Before you cook your steak, you need to take a paper towel and blot the meat dry on either side. The wetter your steak’s surface is, the more likely it will be to steam when you put it on the pan, which is never a good idea. Instead, get rid of the residual moisture beforehand so that your steak can get nice and crispy once it hits the pan.
  5. You don’t season your steak.
    Steak does not need a lot of dressing up. After all, it is delicious in its own right. However, it does need a bit of seasoning. Before cooking, you should sprinkle some fresh cracked pepper and salt on both sides of your steak. It is good to do this around thirty minutes before you intend to cook, as this will allow the seasoning to absorb into the steak.
  6. You bought the lean steak.
    There is a time and a place for cuts like chuck roast, or other lean cuts from your local butcher. They are great for casseroles and alike, but not good when you just want to eat a cut of steak on its own.

Are you guilty of making any of the errors that have been mentioned above? If so, take note of the tips that have been provided so that you get your steak right the next time you cook it. From seasoning in advance, to getting your pan hot, a few small changes can make a massive difference. Enjoy!

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