You Are What You Drink?

Are you judged by what you drink? A survey released by Budweiser last fall suggests you are.

The ‘Beerpressions’ Survey — a first-of-its-kind study about how beverage choices influence first impressions and perceptions of approachability — has some interesting results. Some of which, I must say is quite unfortunate for yours truly!

raising a toast with dark beer

2,000 Americans (ages 21+) were surveyed by Learndipity Data Insights. They were asked to match common bar drinks with the perceived personality traits of the people ordering them, as well as a few other questions. Here are the results by drink choice:

beer bottle toastDrink Choice #1: Domestic Beer (Budweiser)
Both women (70%) and men (59%) who drink domestic beer (such as Budweiser) are perceived as more approachable.

Drink Choice #2: Imported Beer
Imported beer also has a positive effect for both women (36%) and men (29%), but not nearly as strong as a domestic beer like Budweiser.

Drink Choice #3: Wine (my beverage of choice)
For wine drinkers, women (23%) and men (18%) have lower overall approachability perception rates.

Drink Choice #4: Margarita (my second choice)
A margarita is the highest-ranking cocktail for approachability (38% for women and 28% for men), but still ranks significantly lower than domestic beer.

margaritaThe survey also discovered that most Americans believe that you are what you drink. 61% of those surveyed believed that “what a person drinks at a bar gives significant clues about their personality.” In fact, one in three often makes “quick judgments” about strangers based on this information.

Also, in what circumstances someone orders a drink influences their choice. While 20% of those surveyed actively consider how their drink order will be perceived by others while out with friends, nearly twice as many think strategically about their drink choices at a work event (39%) or on dates (34%).

The downside for me is, I don’t like the taste of beer and will never order one. But, I promise, I can be quite approachable … under the right circumstances. Hmmm … maybe I’m not that approachable after all.


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