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What Are The Kitchen Essential Tools Foodies Swear By?

A lot of food bloggers talk about being healthy and the best foods to eat. But what they fail to talk about is the essential tools you need to cook nutritious food. The truth is if you want to be able to cook lots of delicious, healthy meals at home, you need to have the correct tools to do so. There are so many fantastic meals that you can make from scratch at home. However, when it comes to cooking these meals, many of us struggle. The truth is, the reason many of us find making certain recipes tricky is simply because we don’t have the right tools.

If you invest in the right tools for your kitchen, you’ll find cooking easier and more enjoyable. That’s why I thought I would put together this guide to all the essential tools foodies swear by for cooking. Have a read and let me know if I’ve missed anything out that you would recommend. Happy cooking!


A strainer is useful for so many things, from washing salad to draining pasta, it’s a crucial tool. If your kitchen doesn’t have a strainer, you need to invest in one. When it comes to cooking pasta bakes, roasts and salads, a strainer really is your best friend. If you can’t strain your veggies or pasta in a strainer, you run the risk of pouring them into the sink or of scalding yourself. This isn’t just a tool that makes cooking easier, it also improves kitchen safety. If you have a browse online, you can find plenty of articles about the best strainers to invest in. Some strainers even fold up to save space, so there are plenty of options to choose from.

Pots and pans

This one might seem pretty obvious, but you would be surprised by how many cooks don’t have a selection of pots and pans in their kitchen. If you want to make cooking easier and more enjoyable for yourself, it’s crucial to have a good range of pots and pans to use. There are so many different ranges to choose from that knowing what the best style and brands are can be tricky. To get an idea of the best pots and pans, check out these cookware reviews and have a read.

Wok and frying pan

One or the other won’t do; you need both. Far too many people only have a wok or a frying pan, not both. However, different recipes call for different pans, so having one of each on hand is crucial. While technically, both these tools do similar things, they’re not the same in any way. The main difference being the depth of them. While frying pans are good for frying meat, fish, eggs, pancakes and vegetables, they’re not any good for cooking bulkier things. For instance, risotto and stir fries both need to be made on the hob, but a frying pan is too small to hold them, that’s where a wok comes in handy.


Out of all the kitchen essentials, a spatula is one of the most crucial and most basic. The most important thing to get right when picking a spatula is what type you need – rubber or metal, wide or slim. It’s important to think about the types of pans you have when deciding this, as if you have a Teflon coated pan, a metal spatula will ruin it. Instead, it’s best to opt for a rubber design. However, if you have metal or ceramic pots and pans, you can go for whatever spatula you want. Just make sure to opt for a sturdy design, else you’ll find it tricky to use for certain tasks.


For times when a spatula just won’t do it, having a pair of tongs on hand is crucial. Some foods need to be flipped but are just too flimsy to be turned using a spatula; that ’s where cooking tongs come in handy. If you’re someone who likes to BBQ as well as cook inside, then tongs are definitely a must. The best ones to opt for are rubber coated ones, as these prevent you from burning your hands on them.


Last but not least, the last essential that every cook needs is a range of knives. Far too many of us presume that having just one knife to cook with will work just as well as a selection of them, but that’s not the case. Different knives are for different things, some are for cutting meat, others are for slicing cake. If you want to enjoy cooking, it’s crucial to treat yourself to a selection of different knives.

There you have it, all the essentials that foodies swear by.

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