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When we think of getting healthy, we often associate it with giving up all the foods we love. However, that isn’t necessarily the case! All you need to do is increase your weekly exercising and stick to a healthy, balanced diet. It’s true you will have to eat a lot less sugary and fatty foods, but you don’t have to give them up altogether. You can still eat healthy alternatives, which taste just as good. Want to know more about how to cook to get healthy? Here are five tips.

Healthy Cooking Tip #1: Bake More, Fry Less

Ditch your frying pan; you don’t need it anymore! Baking food in the oven is a much healthier alternative to frying. Foods that are traditionally fried often taste great when cooked in the oven. And they’ll have fewer calories too, as you aren’t using as much oil. Try homemade fries to see just how good oven-baking really is! If you love fried food now and then, you can still enjoy it with an air fryer:

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Healthy Cooking Tip #2: Go Vegetarian … at least sometimes

Eating a lot of meat is thought to make it a lot easier for us to pile on the pounds. So to keep the excess weight off, you need to cut down on your daily intake of meat. It’s easy to do, especially when you realize just how many vegetarian alternatives there are for many meat dishes. Not only this, but many experts think you should have at least one completely meat-free day every week. To find out more about cutting down on meat, take a look at information online at websites like

Healthy Cooking Tip #3: Spiralizers

We all love pasta and noodles. However their high carb content means they aren’t always the healthiest choice. However, you can still enjoy noodles and spaghetti if you buy a spiralizer. These cool appliances turn super healthy veggies into delicious vegetable spaghetti and noodles! You can spiralize lots of vegetables including courgettes and beetroot. The noodles can be enjoyed as the standard ones and are much better for those following a gluten-free diet.

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Healthy Cooking Tip #4: Ditch The Dairy

Some studies show that we aren’t completely suited to digesting dairy and this can cause problems with our health. However, there are lots of super tasty alternatives out there in the shops. There are now many different types of milk that are much better for us, like almond and rice milk. It’s also possible to find a lot of cheeses and yogurts suitable for a dairy-free diet.

Healthy Cooking Tip #5: Reduce Your Portion Size

If you are already eating very healthily but still have a bit extra weight, take a look at your portion size. If we over-eat, we will put on weight. Even if we binge out on healthy foods! So try to reduce your portion size and cut down on snacking in between meals. This may seem like such a little step to take, but it can truly make a difference!

So now you know how to get healthy while still enjoying lots of yummy food!

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