Weird But Healthy Snacks You Can Make At Home

Are you looking for some new and interesting snacks that are healthy? Taking care of what you eat is really important, but often finding a quick snack which fits into your diet can be a little tough and sometimes, just plain boring. So I have compiled a list of some of the weirdest healthy snacks out there. You can prepare all of these at home yourself and you might even find some you really enjoy!

Fish Crackling Snacks

Ok, this is a really weird one. Fish crackling is essentially the bones of white fish, seasoned and dehydrated into a really gross looking spiny thing which, when sprinkled with lemon infused sea salt and a fresh twist of lime, can taste unbelievably cool. They aren’t going to hit the spot like pork crackling and they do leave a somewhat gritty taste in your mouth but they are an excellent way of getting vital fish oils into your body and are very low in calories. All you need is a dehydrator and you are on your way. Check out these food dehydrator reviews and remember, you don’t have to make this weird recipe, you could just create some dried fruit snacks! They are healthy too.

Cockle Popcorn Snacks

cockles as snacksThis is not your usual popcorn and chances are you are not going to be seeing this in any movie theaters in the near future. While you do need to deep fry these little treats, they are packed with zinc and vitamin A, and the actual cockle itself is very low in calories. If you deep fry them in a coat of polenta and serve them up with either a mayo dip or better still, some apple cider vinegar, you’ll have found your new snacking best friend! And, in case you were wondering, cockles are small, edible, saltwater clams.

Macho Pea Snacks

peas as snacksThis recipe is stolen from a well-known food outlet, however, it is so delicious that I just had to share it. While sitting in front of the TV nibbling a bowl of peas may sound weird, don’t knock it until you have tried it. Best made with Petit Pois or the smaller, sweeter variety of pea, you cook this vegetable in a rich chicken stock. Once drained you add chili infused butter (you can use coconut oil to make it healthier) and add a healthy bunch of freshly chopped mint and a twist of lemon. Then, dig in! The chili and lemon zing up your taste buds and can actually help to improve your mood. This snack will also give your metabolism a quick boost. Perfect for burning a few extra calories.

sweet potatoe friesThere are all kinds of weird snacks with added health benefits if you look a little further. From deep fried crabs to fermented fish and even nibbling on maggots and grubs. While I don’t think these sound very appealing, it just goes to show that if you are a bit more adventurous, you can find a variety of nibbles that you might just enjoy!

Alternatively, stick to sweet potato fries and vegetable crisps, or increase your supply of high cocoa content chocolate.

Bon Appetit!

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