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Taste Test: Mezcla Protein Bars

What do you get when you combine a love for art with a passion for plant-based nutrition? In this case, you get Mezcla protein bars, which celebrate the world’s diversity through food and art.

Taste Test - Mezcla Protein Bars

An Overview of Mezcla

Mezcla is a plant-based protein bar, made primarily from quinoa, that comes in three flavors: Japanese Matcha Vanilla, Peruvian Cocoa Peanut Butter, and Mexican Chipotle Hot Chocolate.

Each flavor has a unique piece of art on its cover related to its flavor’s country of origin, as well as a QR code that leads you to a webpage featuring a constantly changing virtual art gallery.

I tried the first two flavors but did not try the Mexican one because my stomach is easily upset by spicy foods. If you try it out, let me know what you think in a comment below.

Taste Test: Peruvian Cocoa Peanut Butter

I tried this one first because I love peanut butter. I was delightfully surprised from the very first bite. I’m used to plant-based protein bars tasting like a combination of cardboard and dirt. This bar tasted like seeds and peanut butter with a hint of chocolate. Yum! After a few bites, I found it a bit too sweet for my taste, but so is a Snickers bar and doesn’t stop me from having one now and again.

I thought I tasted sesame seeds, so I looked at the ingredients. Not one sesame seed! In fact, I was surprised to find the first three ingredients were pea crisp, tapioca syrup and organic chocolate chips. I had no idea that peas could taste so cool!

Taste Test: Japanese Matcha Vanilla

Emboldened by my experience with the Peruvian Cocoa Peanut Butter, I was eager to try out the Japanese Matcha Vanilla. I have no idea what matcha tastes like, but I do know vanilla. This bar had a delicate vanilla flavor. I think I may have enjoyed it more than the other bar.

What I Liked about Mezcla Protein Bars

Although at bit sweet, the bars were quite tasty. I could see using them as a dessert rather than a meal replacement. If you have a sweet tooth, these may be the protein bars for you.

What I Didn’t Like About Mezcla Protein Bars

You can probably guess: I found the bars a bit too sweet. Maybe the tapioca syrup could be reduced? Then again, that may possibly be what made the peas palatable. Who knows?

Because they are a new company on the scene, they only have three flavors right now. But I look forward to seeing what they think up for future flavors. Maybe a Swedish cardamon cookie flavor?

Who Are Mezcla Protein Bars Suitable for?

If you are looking for a plant-based protein bar that might actually enjoy eating, Mezcla protein bars are for you.

For More Information

To learn more about Mezcla protein bars, visit their website here. And to see the art, which is updated weekly, go here.

Rating: 4 out of 5 Chefs

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NOTE: I received a free copy of this product in exchange for an honest review. If you’ve read taste tests, you’ll know that I don’t pull my punches when I believe they are warranted. I also try to provide balanced information so you can make your own decision to buy or not buy this product, even if you disagree with my opinion.

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