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Sweet or Savory? How to Create the Perfect Summer Experience

Food has a way of uniting and bringing joy to people. It is an art that uses scientific methodologies to create a unique result that tantalizes the taste buds. During the summer, people like to experiment and spend quality time with the family as they take time off from their busy schedules to create the perfect summer experience.

Sweet or Savory - How to Create the Perfect Summer Experience

Whether you have a sweet tooth or prefer the spiciness or tartness, there is always something for you on the menu. You can apply various techniques and ingredients to get the perfect flavor bomb in your mouth. Here are some of the summer favorites in a three-course meal that you can try this summer.

The Perfect Summer Salad Experience

Summer is all about the freshness and brightness of colors. So what better way to start your meal than having a bright and tasty salad? A salad that represents the summer is one with corn, strawberries, and avocado. The freshness and sweetness of this dish make it perfect to be your first course.

It is an easy starter to prepare since you only have to steam the corn. The other ingredients (cherry tomatoes, avocado, and strawberries) remain fresh to provide freshness to the dish. The ruggedness of the plate because of the avocado chunks and roughly chopped and diced strawberries is synonymous with the lazy summer feel.

Once the corn is ready, you shred the kernels from the cob and let it cool. You then mix it with the other ingredients and sprinkle with feta cheese, olive oils, finely chopped parsley, salt, pepper, and lime juice for acidity.

BBQ Chicken Summer Style

What perfect summer experience would be without a BBQ? With the perfect glaze on crispy chicken skin, you are sure to have a good feast. But, first, you need to ensure that you barbeque the chicken to perfection. The trick is to choose the right equipment, grill, or smoker and pay attention to the time and heat source. Patience is vital in grilling; thus, ensure you check on your chicken to avoid overcooking.

Most people have their BBQ sauce recipe that features their favorite ingredients for a personal touch. However, the most common elements will often include apple cider vinegar, ketchup, honey or/and brown sugar, and an acidic flavor like lime juice. The trick is repeatedly tasting while adding the ingredients to ensure it has the perfect consistency and taste.

Summer Cake with Fruits and Cream Conclude the Perfect Summer Experience

Every celebration needs a sweet ending. Summer can especially present a challenge in choosing a flavor combination that works with the heat. Fresh fruits, acidity, and a refreshing cream usually do the trick. And cake is a good summer dessert choice because it stands up to the heat better than other dessert options.

It would help if you baked the cake perfectly by using the correct measurements and additives. Always use a parchment lining to avoid having your cake stick to the baking pan. However, if you run out of it and are stuck wondering what to use when parchment paper is not available, you can explore different aluminum foils or silicone mat to remove the cake once it is ready.

Finally, having a moist lemon and lime cake topped with vanilla whipped cream and fresh fruits like strawberries, kiwi fruits, nectarines, or peaches will bring a colorful conclusion to the day.

With such a complete meal, you only need your summer cocktail or drink of your choice as you watch the sunset. It is vital that you showcase and hero each dish in the summer experience.

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