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Bring a Touch of Romance Back to Your Date Night Dinner

Being busy parents can make it a challenge to find the free time to spend with one another and catch up on how you’ve been. Finding a babysitter isn’t always an option, and money and routines might be tight, especially if your older kids are now back to school. However, it’s crucial to the success of the relationship with your other half to make an effort to enjoy their company when it’s just you two there. Food is the perfect way to show someone how much you love and care for them, and you can treat your spouse to a date night in your own home.

Bring A Touch Of Romance Back To Your Date Night Dinner

There’s no need for expensive restaurant meals, trips to the theater, or an overpriced cocktail lounge; your kitchen and dining space will provide a dreamy location for you to chat, reminisce and enjoy your culinary delights together. Whether you pick a Friday or Saturday night to enjoy your stay-at-home date; ask for some help in getting the kids ready for bed, ensure you’ve done the right prep and planning, and cook up a feast. The following are some tips and ideas for those who want to create the perfect date night for their spouse, where the focus is on the food, and more importantly, the company.

Set Your Kitchen Up

It always helps if your kitchen is stocked up with the equipment you’ll need to create you and your partner’s favorite meals. You can begin collecting items piece by piece, until you’ll be able to grab any cookbook (or food blog) and whip up something delicious, without worrying about not having your oiless deep fryer or electric whisk. It’s worth keeping your eyes peeled (as well as your vegetables) so that you can spot the latest equipment on the market, and find a great deal on what you need.

Choose the Right Recipes

Although you’ll want the cooking side of things to go as smoothly as possible on the big night; you don’t want to serve your beloved something that you are always eating together as a family. You’ll want to make the night a little more special by making something new or putting a twist on their favorite cuisine. Think about simple dishes or regional food that you both enjoy eating; perhaps Italian or Greek is the running theme throughout the night, and each dish complements the next. You don’t have to become a master chef; just put as much effort into the meal as possible so that you’d happily pay for the food in a restaurant. If you have no interest in cooking at all; perhaps it’s time to order in your favorite take away or pick something up from a great restaurant on the way home, but that’s for another blog post.

Add Style to What You Serve

Try to ensure that you serve your date night food so that it looks appealing and your loved one will be excited to dive into the meal. If you’re heading in the paella direction, you could invest in a paella dish that will look great as the table centerpiece. The same goes for any specific cuisines; tagines, balti dishes, and ramen dishes will all add the touch of a restaurant to your date night, and you’ll be able to utilize them in the future, so could be a purchase worth considering. Take your side dishes into consideration also; rice, pasta, and potatoes will look great in a decorative bowl or in your best serving dish. For a more formal feeling to your meal; plate everything up at the kitchen counter, before bringing it over to your spouse and beginning your evening together.

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