Reasons Why You Should Be Eating Seafood

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Seafood is delicious. Well, most of us would agree on that, but, even if you don’t, perhaps you’ve not tried everything there is to try yet. I know from personal experience, that seafood can be daunting, delicious and not your cup of tea all at the same time. But to entice you to broaden your pallet and experiment with seafood, I’ll share this little fact: The majority of seafood comes with huge benefits in terms of health and happiness.

When it comes to the perfect diet, there is no straightforward answer. In fact, there is no such thing as the perfect diet. What works for one person won’t work for another, and factors such as the amount of exercise, bodily reactions to certain foods, the speed of your metabolism and even genetics all contribute to your overall health. Certain categories of food, however, are almost universally renowned for their health benefits: Seafood is one of these categories.

Put simply, fish is good for you.

It’s hard to know what on earth we’re supposed to be eating half of the time, but a diet high in different types of fish could make that ever-elusive question easier for you to answer. Fish is one of the healthiest foods on the planet; primarily because it’s pumped full of numerous nutrients that the human body needs to stay fit and healthy. Protein and Vitamin D are key to a healthy, energetic body and fish is packed full of these nutrients.

It’s no secret that the majority of us struggle to get all the nutrients we need on a daily basis. Hectic lifestyles and conflicting information from the media, schools, friends and family mean that we often end up avoiding certain kinds of “complicated meals” because we don’t have time to prepare them, or we have no idea if there’s some hidden negative to even the healthiest of foods.

You almost can’t go wrong with fish. The fattiest ones are the best for you, surprisingly. They’re packed full of fat-based nutrients that you actually need, so don’t let other sources deter you from eating what is actually a very nutritious food. Most people are deficient in Vitamin D, so perhaps it’s time that you weren’t.

Crab meat offers intriguing health benefits, by virtue of it being low in fat. This makes it one of the healthiest seafood available, and you can get crabs shipped directly to your door if you’ve no idea where to go about finding them (well, unless you like to fish).

A Note for Vegetarians and Vegans: I feel it’s worth mentioning that food such as tofu contains plant-based omega-3 fatty acids, offering very similar health benefits of fish. Of course, it depends on what kind of vegetarian you are. If you’re a pescatarian, then stick with fish, as it does work wonders for your health.

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By eating seafood, you could be avoiding health complications in later life.

As well as offering you all the nutrients you need on a daily basis, consuming seafood such as fish can help you to avoid health issues such as heart attacks and strokes. These diseases and sudden attacks are the cause of preventable deaths each and every year. Something as simple as a small diet change could save thousands of lives. So, if you want a healthy heart, fish might be the route for you.


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