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Juicing Is A Healthy Way Forward: Just Make Sure You Drink The Right Juices

There is nothing more important in life than your health. Everything else, all of the things you hold most dear — they’re important, of course, but cannot be enjoyed and held in the same regard if you’re not healthy. And so, when we know there are things we can do to boost our health, we’re all ears. Am I right?


Don’t get too excited, this is not all you need for a healthy diet.
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The problem is this: Headlines have a way of sticking in our minds when the full details of the main story do not (if we even read them). So, for example, we know that eating fresh salad is good for us. We then make sure there is plenty of fresh salad layered on the greasy burger we have for dinner. Nuts, of course, are packed with essential nutrients. So that candy bar we had last coffee break was healthy, right?

Okay, so those may be bad examples. But there are plenty of headlines that are imcomplete that people take into their minds and start working into their diets. Of course, we are aware that unhealthy food can’t be made healthy by cramming in something ostensibly good for you. But we still get hooked, pretty much every time there is a new health craze.

What Do You Mean, “Craze”?

Well, perhaps that exact word is a little unfair. Allow me to elaborate. When a new diet hits the headlines, the magazine and newspaper editors can be a little bit … selective in how they report it. So the news that bacon contains some beneficial nutrients becomes “BACON CURES CANCER.” Which is weird, because you could be sure you read a story a while back about how it causes cancer.

However, the crazes still hit, and people change their eating habits to improve their health. Often they do this without reading any deeper. So we read that juicing is good for us. We know that fruits and veggies are healthy. We buy a juicer and lots of fresh fruit and veggies – next stop, good health!

Are You Going To Tell Me Juices and Juicing Are Bad?

No, far from it. Sites like juicercruiser.com should certainly be in your browser history. Juicing is, very definitely, beneficial. But that sentence in itself is an oversimplification. You can’t just buy any fruit and vegetable, throw it in the juicer, and drink your way to good health. Getting the right foods in the right balance is essential.

We all know what we like, and what we don’t. So it’s easy to be tempted to buy strawberries, bananas and peaches and think we’ll be much healthier for drinking their juice. In balance, we can be.

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It may not look delicious, but try eating this much broccoli in one go.
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However, fruit contains sugar. Most foods do, but fruit usually contains a lot. Too much sugar is awful for your health. So pick one fruit – two, maximum, and juice them with cucumber, kale, and other green veggies. The whole advantage to juicing is that it allows you to consume a wide profile of nutrients quickly. Would you rather drink the juice of three carrots, or eat them raw?

None of this is to knock the health benefits of juicing. Nor is it to say people are gullible for believing it will help. It will, as long as you pick the right recipes. Veggies for nutrients, fruits for flavor. Getting your recommended allowance of fruits and veggies has never been easier – but it’s not going to happen by itself.

Healthy Eating Worksheet

Take Charge of Your Health!

Changing your eating habits can be tough. But it doesn’t have to be if you take a little time to think it out and create a plan.

This Healthy Eating Worksheet will walk you through the process of creating a healthy eating plan. All you need to do is print it out, set aside some time to complete it, and then fill it out. Then you can create your plan, knowing that you have addressed potential obstacles and came up with some creative ways to handle them.

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