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Keeping a Minimalist Kitchen

One of the biggest keys to a happy life is keeping things, in general, simple — not too complicated — and free from drama. An easy-to-navigate life without erratic highs and lows helps reduce stress, too. This idea has morphed into the minimalist movement, where design is pared down to its bare necessities.

minimalist kitchen

There are many books out there that can teach you to make your bedroom simple and minimal. There are books to teach you how to declutter your living spaces so that you can live harmoniously. But what about the kitchen?

Carma's cow cluttered kitchen

Carma’s cow cluttered kitchen — Not a minimalist kitchen

Now, if you’ve seen pictures I’ve shared on Facebook of my kitchen and living space, then you know I’m not a minimalist. That said, I know that starting from a minimalist perspective and adding on from there can be a great way for newer cooks to cut their teeth and gain confidence in the kitchen.

Even if you’re not a particularly enthusiastic cook, you probably spend a lot of time in the kitchen. It’s a place to entertain, to laugh and to eat, so simplifying the space could be an amazing decision! The trouble is that we live in a world where we are continuously pressured to clutter up the kitchen space that we have with multiple gadgets and gizmos. There aren’t many people who know how to brew coffee without a coffee maker these days, and it’s because of the influx of café quality machinery that you can buy for your own home. The question that you have to ask yourself, is do you really need all these gadgets? Can you get by without them? Well, check out my tips below to take you to kitchen simplicity.

Minimalist Kitchen Idea #1: Evaluate your microwave use

If you own a microwave but you barely use it, it’s time to dump it. You may well be heavily reliant on your microwave for those quick meals, but your stovetop and oven can do the exact same job your microwave can do, and far better. (Not to mention more healthfully!) Microwaves may heat up your food conveniently and quickly, but they also zap away all the goodness from the food you’re eating. It might just be time to get used to cooking meals from scratch. I was without a microwave for two years and never missed it! I only have one now because it is built into the kitchen cabinet of the home we’re renting.

Minimalist Kitchen Idea #2: How many knives do you really need?

Did you know that knife sets are a very popular wedding/housewarming gift? We got a few more knives that we were bargaining for when we got married. But it turned out OK because that let me donate all my old ones! That said, you’re probably looking at your countertops and counting all the knives you’ve got. It might be time to declutter the knife sets that you have and invest in one good quality set instead.

Minimalist Kitchen Idea #3: Do you have too much dishware?

How many sets of dishes do you own? Do you really need that much? Ditch the dishware that you don’t use! I know you have it. You know you have it. So ‘fess up! Dishes for occasions and dishes for everyday use are a good idea, but if you have more than one set for each, that’s unnecessary. I did a dish purge when we got married. I got rid of all the dishes we didn’t need and we kept the nice new sets we got as gifts. A fresh start with fresh dishes!

Minimalist Kitchen Idea #4: Do you need all those gadgets?

OK. I know I’m one to talk on this count. I went gadget crazy when pulling together our wedding registry — and got most of what I asked for. Now I’m finding that I use some more than others and may have to pare down. The rule of thumb is to get rid of the gadgets that you don’t use. How often do you really use your spiralizer? (I still haven’t taken mine out of the box!) What about that popcorn machine you used three years ago? Don’t be sentimental about gadgets that you don’t use when you could make a little cash out of them. Get them sold and use the cash to decorate the kitchen with new lighting and another fancy décor!

Your kitchen doesn’t have to be kitted out with the latest and greatest styles to be beautiful, but it does have to be functional. Minimal gadgets and gizmos make for a spacious kitchen you can really work with.

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