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Bright Ideas for an Adventurous Foodie

Fancy yourself a foodie? Do you like sampling delicious new treats, or do you prefer to stick to 4- and 5-star reviews before you head out to a restaurant? If you’re really adventurous and think you’ve got what it takes, then here are a couple of ideas to help you spread your wings, find great eats, and enjoy the food.

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Start a Foodie Blog

Food blogs are all over the Internet, yet even the most obscure ones garner some attention and have a small following that’s large enough for the author to continue updating it. Even if you’re not in it for the viewers and just love to write, starting a blog is a fantastic way to record all of your greatest eats and embrace your inner foodie. Treat it like a diary for your food adventure so you never forget all the sights and sounds you experienced as you bit into something new.

I can tell you that I get a lot of joy out of creating and sharing my posts to the Carma’s Cookery blog. And I know a few people who started off as hobby food bloggers and turned it into a decent side-hustle and eventually a career.

Try Something New

Sticking to your comfort zone isn’t a good way to become a foodie. You need to be experimental and you need to be willing to try new foods. For instance, you could take a trip to a vegetarian cafe and sample something different that isn’t on your regular palette. You could try a new type of cuisine that your friends have been raving about, or you could even go to a food truck instead of a restaurant if you’ve been fine dining for the majority of your life.

Although sometimes I go to a restaurant to order my favorite dish served there, I equally am willing to try something new … something that, perhaps, I might not make at home. If you’ve been following me on social media, then you’ll know that I’ve been experimenting with meal kit delivery services, too. It’s been fun to try new things without having the fuss of buying ingredients I’ll never use up.

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Social Eating

When’s the last time you gathered a couple of friends and started a barbeque? Eating with friends really does make food taste better. You can travel with friends to a new restaurant, visit another country together, or doing something unique such as potluck dinner where your guests can bring random ingredients and foods to build up a feast. It’s a fantastic way to see what your friends enjoy while also showcasing your own cooking and treating them to something you love.

Several years ago, I hosted a dinner party where I served a completely Indian meal. Because the foods were new, I supplied a menu for my guests so they’d know what they were eating. Also, when I was in graduate school, I went home with one of my fellow students. Her neighborhood hosted a progressive meal where each course was served at a different person’s home (appetizers at home 1, first course at home 2, etc.). That was really fun!

Do a Food Challenge

If you’re a big eater with a big stomach, then how about taking on a food challenge? There are loads around the world and they’re usually challenging even for a big eater. However, they’re a great way to make friends, sample new foods, and perhaps give you a chance of getting on a wall of fame with your name and a picture. However, it’s worth noting that food challenges are difficult and there are obvious health risks associated with overeating. Don’t force yourself, and don’t do too many food challenges in quick succession.

Of course, you could also do a more healthy option of a food challenge. For example, I did a green smoothie challenge and shared my experience on this blog!

The Opposite Pricing Spectrum

If you’re used to eating fast food, then why not hold onto that cash and get something a little more expensive such as a fine-dining experience? If you’re used to paying a lot for your food, then how about switching it up and eating somewhere cheap for a change? It can be fun getting to know the other side of the food pricing spectrum. Cheap eats can be delicious and filling and it might give you a new look on fast food. Similarly, trying out expensive foods can open up new taste sensations and make you respect the work and time that goes into making unique meals.

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