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Taste Test: Four Dancing Deer Cookies

Dancing Deer CookiesA little while ago, I went on one of my last shopping sprees at Fresh & Easy. They were closing, so prices were greatly slashed and I stocked up on a cornucopia of my favorite products. One of those was a box of Dancing Deer Vanilla Shortbread cookies. I was so disappointed when I opened the box and they reeked of plastic. They even tasted of plastic.

I couldn’t return them because with the store closing out, all sales were final. So contacted Dancing Deer to see if they could do anything. I only expected to get a coupon to buy some more cookies elsewhere. What I got was a lesson in customer service excellence.

They shipped me not one, not two, but four packages of cookies in four wonderful flavors! I got more than my money’s worth and a deeper sense of warm-fuzzy feeling toward Dancing Deer Baking company.

First, I’ve always been happy with the quality of their cookies. The vanilla shortbread cookies have, up until that last purchase, always been da bomb! And these four new flavors (to me) did not disappoint.

Four Dancing Deer Cookie Flavor Experiences

Sugar Cane Lime Cookies

These are your traditional sugar cookie with a twist … of lime that is. They are light and not too heavy on the lime. They would be perfect for a light spring or summer snack or dessert. In fact, a part of me would love to try making a cookie crumb crust for a citrus pie.

If you like sugar cookies and you like lemon/lime flavor, these cookies will delight you.

Molasses Clove Cookies

When I was growing up, one of the cookies I used to make were old-fashioned molasses cookies. This Dancing Deer version gives is a punch with a nice dose of cloves. They are strongly spicy and would go well with some pumpkin egg nog. I snarffed them up in no time!

Snicker Doodle Cookies

Another childhood favorite was the simple snicker doodle … basically a sugar cookie rolled in cinnamon and sugar. No snicker doodle I’ve ever had in my life holds a candle to these Dancing Deer creations. They were light and chewy with a just-right amount of cinnamon goodness. I had to fight my fiancé for these!

Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies

Normally, these would be my favorite. However, I found them to pale in comparison to the three cookies I’ve already mentioned. They were crispy on the outside, while a tad chewy on the inside … not my favorite texture combination. But you might like them.

Would I buy Dancing Deer cookies again. Yes. Would I go out of my way to find them … after these samples, I’m thinking I just might start keeping an eye out for them.

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