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How to Make Pumpkin Pie

pumpkin pie sliceThere are probably as many ways to make a pumpkin pie as there are people who enjoy eating them. Of course, this isn’t much help if you’re looking for a recipe to use right now. So what I’m going to offer in this article are some questions you should ask yourself before you go searching for that recipe. That way, you’ll be able to find the one that is just right for your needs.

Do you want a warm or cold pumpkin pie?

In other words, do you want a more traditional baked custard type of pie that is often served warm? Or do you want something different? Maybe a chilled or even frozen pie?

What kind of crust are you hankering for?

Do you want a traditional pastry crust? What about a crumb crust made out of graham crackers or gingerbread cookies? There are even crusts made from meringue that might work nicely with a chilled mousse style pie!

What kind of pumpkin do you want to base your filling on?

Do you want to create pumpkin puree from a fresh pumpkin? If so, look for a sugar pumpkin. These are smaller, darker and sweeter than the pumpkins commonly used for Halloween decorations. Or, will canned pumpkin do the trick? I’ve found Libby’s to be the best… generic brands often are lumpier and their flavor is inconsistent. Of course, you could go with a pudding pie filling mix and forget the fresh or canned pumpkin altogether.

What type of filling do you prefer?

Do you want a warm eggy custard-style pie filling? A chilled pudding or mousse style filling? What about a frozen ice cream type of filling? Do you want the filling to be spicy or sweet? I’ve seen one pie recipe that used black pepper to give the pumpkin custard a unique bite.

Will you have a topping for your pie?

Depending on the decisions you made earlier, you may want to have a crust topping… either full or latticed. Or maybe you’ll want whipped topping. You could even go with something exotic like a lemon aspic or toasted caramelized pecans.

How will you garnish your pumpkin pie?

Depending on the flavors you’ve blended, you should select a garnish that not only looks nice but compliments the pie’s flavor mix. Garnishes range from chocolate curls to colored coconut flakes to toasted nuts.

Once you’ve made all these decisions, finding the pumpkin pie recipe you crave should be a whole lot easier.

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