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How To Choose The Right Pot and Pan Set

iron pot and pan set

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No kitchen or cook would be complete without a great set of pots and pans. It simply cannot function without them. So, this equipment needs to be a priority.

How can a pot and pan set do all of that for you? Well, it is really very simple. Believe it or not, the pans and pots in your kitchen mean a great deal to the foods you are cooking and just how tasty or delicious they are. Here are some tips to help you shop for your perfect set.

1. Quality
Quality is important for many different reasons. While, they may be more expensive, they tend to last longer and produce better tasting foods. You could splurge now for the quality pans or save money and buy cheaper pans, but have to replace them in a few short years, which makes more sense to you? Also, better quality pans tend to be easier to care for.

2. Set Selection
What pots and pans should you have? No matter how much of a cook you are, you should have a wide variety. The bare minimum includes at least two different skillet sizes, some casserole dishes, and two different sauce pan sizes. Many sets come with a variety of different styles of pots and pans, along with sizes, it is important to choose the set that fits your style of cooking the closest.

3. Non-stick vs. Plain
This choice depends on your lifestyle. I used to have all non-stick pans, but they kept getting ruined because my husband insisted on using metal utensils and cleaning with iron wool. Now all my pans are high-quality steel and I couldn’t be happier.

That said, non-stick surfaces can actually help you save money and keep you from wearing yourself out. Without a nonstick surface, you can look at a huge mess to clean up. At the same time, all the scrubbing could damage the finish on the pan. Also, you can use less oil and serve lower-fat foods.

4. Design Coordination
Your pots and pans can actually add to the style of your kitchen. This means that you can match the color of your kitchen with the color of your pan or at the very least coordinate it. Adding a new set of pots and pans can really add to the overall look and feel of your kitchen. You have your choice of a variety of styles and colors to choose from, why not take advantage of it all?

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Carma Spence has been experimenting in the kitchen since she was four years old and loves trying out new recipe ideas. She is the author of Bonkers for Bundt Cakes and Your Perfect Pie, as well as author and contributor to several more non-food-related books. With Carma's Cookery, she is taking her passion for empowering people and blending it with her passion for cooking, gift-giving and entertaining.

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