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7 Unusual Kitchen Gadgets

Everyone’s kitchen drawers are full of ordinary gadgets like peelers and potato mashers. For something a bit different, check out this list of seven unusual kitchen gadgets. At first glance, you might laugh or think they’re useless, but you just might find them indispensable in the kitchen as time goes on.

7 Unusual Kitchen Gadgets

Corn Desilker

Cleaning the silk from a fresh cob of corn is an irritating chore. The silk gets everywhere and sometimes doesn’t fully come away from the food, getting stuck in your teeth. Try a corn desilker for a smooth way to complete this job with ease. The desilker is in the shape of a ring with brushes facing inward. Just put the corn through it to clean off the silk. This can also be used for cleaning any cylindrical vegetable like cucumbers or summer squash.

Scramble Eggs Without Breaking Them

It’s possible to buy a device that lets you scramble the inside of the egg without breaking the shell. The gadget spins the egg to scramble the contents. When the egg is cooked, simply crack the shell and you have a scrambled egg ready to eat. This is almost more of a magic trick than a utensil. It will provide entertainment for your family, as well as being a practical product.

Rub Away Smells

A stainless steel bar is available which lets you get rid of the smell of onion, fish, or garlic on your hands. Just rub the bar between your hands until the smell is gone. This works by binding sulfur molecules on your hands with the stainless steel. This is a great gift for anyone who loves to cook, or for anyone who is especially sensitive to smells. You will still need to wash your hands with soap and water, but the pesky odor will be gone.

No Boring Butter

If you’re bored with pats of butter, try a gadget that curls, grates, and slices your butter. It works like a cheese slicer but is sized to fit a standard stick of butter. Decorate your family’s toast, bread, potatoes, and vegetables with artful curls of butter. The curls and thin slices are also much more spreadable than a standard pat of butter, cutting down on the problem of spreading cold butter and tearing your bread.

Helping Hands with Zipper Bags

Zipper bags are a great help in the kitchen. They can be used for storing food and leftovers and for food preparation tasks like crushing crackers. Holding a bag open to pour something in can be a difficult task if you are alone in the kitchen. It sometimes requires a great deal of creativity to get the food into the bag without making a mess. This gadget has plastic arms that hold the bag open so that liquid or food can be poured in easily.

Pancake Pourer

Kids love pancakes shaped like animals and letters, but they are difficult to pour using a standard ladle or cup. For shaped pancakes, you can buy a bottle with a special tip that makes creating a pancake as easy as writing on paper. It does take a bit of skill to write clearly, but if you put a little bit of time into it, you can make beautifully shaped pancakes. Your friends and family will be impressed.

Peel Shrimp in a Snap

Fresh shrimp is delicious, but cleaning and preparing it can be disgusting and time-consuming. Pick up a shrimp cleaner and deveiner and get everything you don’t want to eat off the shrimp in one easy step. The device works like a pair of tongs that slip inside the shell and devein the shrimp at the same time.

This list of seven quirky kitchen gadgets might help you prepare your food more easily while having fun. They would be great gifts for any home cook or a fun purchase for yourself.

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