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5 Ways to Spice up Your Lunchtime Sandwiches

The classic sandwich is arguably one of the most iconic foods in the world — and for good reason! It’s so simple to create, it’s perfect for packed lunches, there are countless varieties, and it’s nutritionally packed if you put the right stuff in it. However, sandwiches can get pretty boring if you’re eating the same things over and over again.

The classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich is delicious and nostalgic, but it can get rather dull after so many years. The bacon lettuce and tomato is another staple for many people, but again, eating the same thing over and over will tire you out.

So in order to spice up your lunchtime sandwiches, here are five unique ideas to try out for your next sandwich. I won’t go through exact recipes (sandwiches should be flexible!) but I will go through some basic ideas and give examples.

Leftover Sandwiches

One of the best ways to use leftovers is to cut them up and stuff them into sandwiches the next morning. It’s a great way to cut down on food waste and you’re always guaranteed to have a unique sandwich the next day. For instance, if you have a roast chicken dinner the previous night, then you could try chicken, lettuce and mayo sandwiches that are similar to the classic chicken burger. If you had macaroni and cheese, then there’s nothing wrong with trying a mac and cheese sandwich with some crispy bacon bits. Get creative with your leftovers and you’ll never have a boring or dull sandwich again!

One leftover sandwich that I found surprisingly delicious was the leftover Thanksgiving sandwich: Turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce on your favorite bread. De-lish!

Different Types of Bread

Why stick to the same old bread? Give baguettes a try, panini bread, or even tortilla wraps to house all of your toppings. You can buy sourdough bread in sliced loaf form. Give that a try! Mixing it up now and then is a fantastic way to give your sandwich some new textures and tastes, so don’t neglect the difference a new type of bread or wrap can make for your delicious ingredients.

Use Healthier Options

Turning over a new leaf? Then why not consider cutting out the unhealthy sauces, dressings, and butter? Try using butter made from hemp seeds for a unique taste in your sandwich. Tired of spreading store-bought mayo? Try making your own mayo instead and adjust the flavoring as you see fit. You might also give Vegenaise a try … I love it! A spicy sriracha mayo is a fantastic idea if you want a little kick to your sandwich.

Grill It

Tired of cold cut sandwiches? Try grilling your sandwich! You don’t have to stick with the classic grilled cheese. Add in your favorite lunch meats. Use fun bread. Use mayo on the outside instead of butter — it changes the flavor nicely. Something I’ve been experimenting with is adding Parmesan cheese to the outside of sourdough bread slices. I got the idea from Ruby’s Diner and I’m loving it!

Fruit Sandwiches

Fruit sandwiches are a staple in Japanese cooking. These colorful creations are often seen in the lunchboxes of children or as a lunchtime snack when friends are visiting. The toppings usually consist of strawberry, kiwi, banana or any other solid fruit, and whipped cream is spread between the slices to make a filling. The bread should be nice and soft and you can sprinkle some cinnamon or sugar for added taste. These make fantastic desserts as well and you could even grill them a little to heat up the fruit. And, of course, there is the classic fruit sandwich of my youth: Peanutbutter, banana and honey. Yum!

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