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5 Benefits of Owning an Air Fryer

Have you heard of the air fryer? This is a kitchen gadget that produces food with the tasty crunchiness of frying with significantly less fat.

Let’s face it, from chicken wings and fish sticks to potato chips and hash browns, there is no denying that fried snacks and dishes are among the tastiest and most well-loved foods in different parts of the world. But while their distinctly delicious taste and delightful crunch are truly satisfying, many people who are mindful of their health try to avoid eating fried foods as much as possible.

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On a personal note, due to my digestive issues, I’ve had to cut way back on fried food goodness. And, more often than not, the increasing cases of obesity and cardiovascular diseases is blamed on the high-fat content in deep-fried foods.

A few months ago, I was introduced to the idea of air frying and have been curiously looking into it every since. Apparently, with the advent of this cooking method, you don’t have to choose between sumptuous fried foods and a healthy diet anymore!

Air fryers are specially designed to satisfy the cravings of those who are on a low-fat diet without causing any guilt. Below are 5 benefits of using an air fryer. Check them out and start making tasty fried dishes that are healthy at the same time.

Air Frying Benefit #1. Enjoy healthy fried dishes

Some air fryers use only a small amount of oil while some do not require any oil at all. Air-fryers release warm jets of air to evenly cook your favorite foods, cutting down as much as 80% oil compared with regular fried dishes. Another benefit of using an air fryer is that most of the nutrients are preserved. This means that you can get the most nutrition from healthy fried vegetables as if they were fresh. Not only you will get to enjoy nutritious food, but you can also save money on cooking oil.

Air Frying Benefit #2. Fry your food fast

Unlike ovens and conventional deep fryers, air fryers do not take as much time to heat up. If you are planning to cook chicken drumsticks or nuggets for lunch, you don’t need to thaw frozen foods anymore. Load them up into the air fryer and wait for your crispy fried dishes to cook. This small kitchen appliance is a perfect companion for those who are always on the go.

Air Frying Benefit #3. Clean your air fryer easily

Air fryers cook your food in a closed system with non-stick basket and trays. Say goodbye to messy oil splashes and burnt food sticking on the kitchenware. Most removable parts of an air fryer are also dishwasher-safe and easy to clean and to store.

Air Frying Benefit #4. Safe and easy to use

Almost anyone can use an air fryer, including the elderly. Even those who are new to cooking will find this appliance easy to use. Most air fryers have a timer and auto shut off features for energy efficiency and perfectly fried dishes. With air fryers, you can now enjoy cooking your favorite dishes and have no more worries with dangerous oil splatters or an open flame.

Air Frying Benefit #5. Cook in many ways

Air fryers are versatile. They can be used to bake, roast and grill. Experience the convenience of having a deep fryer, an oven, and a hot grill all in one multi-purpose air cooker.

Learn more about the amazing features of the best air fryers and experience the benefits of using one.

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