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Pumpkin Wine

Here’s something interesting found on the Internet: Pumpkin Wine. Three Lakes Winery in Wisconsin makes this and it sells for $9.95 a bottle. According to the marketing description, it is made only from 100% pie pumpkins (that would be sugar pumpkins, I assume). “It has […]

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Keep the Pumpkin Flames Burning

As you may know, pumpkins are now out of season. But that doesn’t mean you have to spend a day without them in your life. Not only can you purchase canned pumpkin to make your favorite pumpkin dishes year ’round, you can buy a variety of other products, too.

I tooled around Amazon and thought I’d highlight a few here.

Pumpkin Room Fresheners

You don’t have to bake to get that wonderful pumpkin pie smell to permeate your room. You can buy pumpkin spice candles, which often come in large sizes. Or you can try out a trendy new type of room fresher, the reed diffuser.


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Weather, Bees Affect Pumpkin Crops

beeinflower.jpgThe other day, as my husband was listening to one of his podcasts, it occurred to me that the world is so amazingly connected. The podcast was talking about the issue of bee die offs happening throughout the U.S. They even interviewed a pumpkin farmer about how bees were affecting his crops.

Also, to help me develop content for this blog, I have a Google Alert set for the keyword “pumpkin” and so I get a lot of news about how weather — both lack of rain and too much rain — are adversely affecting the pumpkin crops around the country.

When you hear about global climate change, does it occur to you that this might affect what kind of pie you’ll be able to serve with Thanksgiving dinner? If you don’t like honey, a bee die off might not catch your attention. But this simple fact actually might raise the prices of the vegetables in your local grocery store because the crops are smaller. (more…)

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