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Coconut oil is a plant-based saturated fat that is very healthy for you inside and out. It promotes clear, wrinkle free skin and protects against sunburn and skin cancer. Originally lumped together with animal-based saturated fats and avoided, it actually has none of their bad properties. Instead it is gaining   Read More ...

After all this talk about healthy fats, you may wonder, “what are some actual whole foods that contain healthy fats already in them.” It is unlikely that you’ll a healthy fat by itself, and I’m sure you would like to be able to grab a healthy high fat food that   Read More ...

With all the talk about low-fat diets you see in magazines, book stores and TV, you may wonder if there are good things about fats at all. But there are. In fact, your body needs fats to be healthy. So let me share some facts about fats. Unhealthy Fats Overview   Read More ...

With the number of holidays coming up, I thought it would be a good idea to discus the staples of the kitchen. How often have you looked into your pantry (whether it a cupboard over your sink or the walk in closet variety) at the end of a day and   Read More ...

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