A kitchen is more than the source of a hundred lovely meals. It’s more than a place for you to experiment with all the (fantastic) recipes you’ll find here. It’s a hub of family activity and a tool for everyday use. So it demands a certain level of care. A   Read More ...

Dark Belgian Chocolate Bouchard Chocolate Overview Summary Dark chocolate Napolitains by Bouchard Chocolate are made from 72% cacao. They are not too bitter, not too sweet and, when intact, smooth. These bite sized chocolates carry a rich, dark chocolate taste that bitter sweet chocolate lovers will thoroughly enjoy. Caveat: I   Read More ...

Over the past few years, gourmet foods have become somewhat mainstream. By this I mean that more and more casual restaurants are offering “gourmet-inspired” menus. However, just because there are already plenty of gourmet eatery establishments around, that doesn’t mean that yours won’t be a success. Especially as, many of   Read More ...

When great chefs want a little more independence, they decide to buy their own restaurants. There are many reasons for doing this. To begin with, it means that chefs don’t have to take orders from other people. But they often don’t realize what goes into running a great restaurant. Being   Read More ...

Having a dinner party? Worried you’re going to make it all wrong and no-one’s going to want to come back? Relax. A great dinner party is achieved through great planning. Don’t jump to impress with recipes you just started practicing the night before. Take your time, read the tips below   Read More ...

When it comes to kitchen appliances, we are all spoiled with choice. From freezers to microwaves, they help us cook, prepare and store our favorite food and beverages. But one appliance, in particular, is seeing a huge rise in popularity — the blender. To some, a blender might not seem   Read More ...

Food waste is becoming a big problem for many households. You buy a bag of salad fixings and then don’t use it up before it start becoming sludge — for example. Because of this, you end up spending more on your food bill, and it is a cost that can   Read More ...

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